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The online project is dedicated to the beauty of Venice.

Creating the online content - photography, articles, maps, graphic about #structuresofvenice, highlighting the local artisans, business, and hospitality. Sharing the info about the events and the things to do in Venice. Supporting the local talents and genuine quality.

What are your #structuresofvenice?

The themes you would find here are art, crafts, architecture, stories from the past, and enjoying the quality presence with an optimistic view of the future. 

Explore section Structures Of Venice.


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Creative services

Marketing strategy for artists, creators, small businesses, hospitality businesses, and professionals.

The brands that want to stand out in a neat and authentic way.

I will help you with the brand strategy, and online content in form of photographs, graphics, and copywriting.

Custom-made, original, and well crafted.

18_paola della pergola menaggio_karolins
juraj_zilincar_valeria_staskova peter_br

Costume &

set design

I am a costume & set designer, with accomplishments and professional expertise in the field of theatre, film, and commercials.

Having worked with both small private companies and individuals to national theatres with various needs and budgets. Collaborating with the teams from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Finland, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Great Britain.

Collaborating with an award-winning team hitting the movie festivals, competitions, and the international scene.

I am honored to have worked with the artists, providing the art direction, costume/set design, styling or assistance with the photoshoots, video-making, performances and support on locations. If you are the director, photographer, or event provider, I am happy to help you to create a beautiful piece of work.

Photo credits: Author of the photo: Peter Brenkus. Captured Valeria Staskova and Juraj Zilincar in Ballet Daphnis And Chloe, Slovak National Theatre Bratislava. Producer : Slovak National Theatre. Direction, choreography: Reona Sato

Original handcrafted
&custom-made objects


Slow, enjoyable handcrafted production of small decorative goods - bags, sachets, jewelry, collages prints, linocuts, handcrafted postcards, little artworks and more.

Discover my products in the section HANDCRAFTED

and contact me if interested. 

Find my handcrafted pieces, collages and art in the Shop of the monumental complex Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice. 

Visit my Etsy Shop for Worldwide orders. 


Thank you for reaching me!

medel italia alvise busetto.jpg

STYLING & assistance

Great photographer or a DOP might find helpful the support in form of careful eyes and fast moves.

I will help you to design, plan and execute styling for your photo shoot or video. 

Every project is different and it is exciting to study various themes, and tasks and to listen to your needs. When knowing this, I can plan for you the best structures, colors, and props and start creating these or shopping. At the location, I will assist with the styling of models and the perfection of the objects and scenery. 

Then, you can truly dedicate your time to capturing the most amazing imagery. 

Project: Styling & Assistance to photographer

Photo Credits: Alvise Busetto Photographer Venice, Mestre

Medel Italia, Vicenza 2022


Brand, business, service?  
Here is an ideal service for you to support your marketing activities. 

I will study your brand, developing it to a higher level, according to your wishes and goals, and having in mind data and trends. Completely new colors, materials, and moods will be crafted to support your voice and reach ideal clients.  

Creativity and strategy, also the execution part right in front of you. Would you dare?
Reach out if in need of the logo, communication strategy, presentation materials online, offline, advertising campaigns, and collateral marketing activities within the authentic voice in social media.
Be the brand that is original, the brand that stands out. 


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